"Why not walk the less-beaten path with style?" That's the question

asked every day by the designers and visionaries at Vintage Phuck Apparel. With

that very question in mind, the brand is proud to present its first ever sneaker design.

This piece has been named the "Moorish Phish". The Moorish Phish was created

according to the idea that everyone is a little bit strange, and from time to time each one

of us can feel like a fish - or rather, "phish" - out of water.

The Moorish Phish is a handcrafted sneaker detailed with an imitation fish scale pattern.

 Striking colors attract the eye, a soft brush of leather greets you at the ankle, a

glimmer of gold races around the edge of the shoe in the form of an appealing 

industrial zipper met With a beautiful red sole. The Moorish Phish comes with no strings attached - this

beautifully odd sneaker is laced only with handcrafted Velcro straps. The creatives at

Vintage Phuck Apparel have worked tirelessly to design a sneaker with the perfect balance of

odd and beautiful features. Dressed up or down, this phish out of water has adapted to

the streets. welcome to the Vintage Phuck State of Mind.

The Moorish Phish Sneaker

$150.00 Regular Price
$80.00Sale Price